Office of Assessment and Continuous Improvement (OACI)

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The College of Charleston works to improve its programs all the time. We do this by assessing our academic programs, along with the offices that support them. The Advising Center and the Center for Student Learning are examples of programs that support your work in the classroom. We also assess the administration. When we find areas we can improve, we design plans to meet that goal.

assessment cycle


  • 10-year Compliance Certification (due Sept 2026)
    • Soft deadline: January 2025
    • Hard deadline: January 2026
    • Includes the following reports:
      • Academic: 21-23, 23-25
      • Administrative: 21-22, 22-24, 24-26 (partial)
    • QEP must be submitted by Dec. 1, 2025 to SACSCOC
    • Orientation for Leadership teams: December 2024
  • 5th year interim report (due March, 2023)
    • Soft deadline: December 2021
    • Hard deadline: December 2022