Assessment Guide and Resources

Assessment Guide

The College of Charleston Assessment Guide was developed under the auspices of the College's Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (OIEP) and is intended to provide current and accurate information regarding assessment reporting. The Center for Assessment and Continuous Improvement (CACI) works collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders and welcomes feedback and suggestions.

Assessment Resources

Steps in the assessment process               Resources
1. Develop program mission that aligns to the College’s Mission. How to Write a Mission Statement
2. Describe the assessment process. Examples of Assessment Process
3. Identify outcomes for the program.  

Writing Student Learning Outcomes
Writing Administrative Outcomes
Bloom’s Taxonomy for Categorizing Outcomes

How to write Outcomes (Campus Labs)

4. Map the outcomes through the program (may not apply to all administrative units)  Mapping Student Learning Outcomes Through The Curriculum
5. Identify useful and feasible methods of measurement.

Direct vs. Indirect Assessment Measures Guide
Recommended Assessment Sample Sizes
Developing a Survey
Designing and Conducting Focus Groups

6. Tabulate, analyze, and report assessment results. Rubrics Repository
7. Use assessment results for continuous improvement.

Ways to Close the Loop

Great examples of closing the loop (University of Michigan - Dearborn)

List of examples for action plans

Administrative Assessment Resources

Useful Administrative Assessment Training by Agnes Scott College


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