Center for Assessment and Continuous Improvement (CACI)

Assessment is the ongoing process of:

  • Establishing clear, measurable, expected outcomes of student learning
  • Ensuring that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes
  • Systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well student learning matches expectations
  • Using the resulting information to understand and improve student learning
    (Suskie, 2009)

College of Charleston's Assessment Cycle

Reporting Deadlines 

Academic Assessment

May 15: Data entry for assessment results completed in Compliance Assist. (i.e. May 15th 2021 is the deadline for the 2020-21 assessment results). This is box 3 in Compliance Assist)

November 1: Data entry for ACTION PLANS of previous year (box 4) and revise assessment plans for current year (boxes 2, 3) completed in Compliance Assist (i.e. November 1 2021 is the deadline for 2020-21 use of results and 2021-22 plans).

November 1-15: Independent reviews conducted and rubrics completed by the respective Deans Assessment Committees (DACs) and returned to the respective assessment coordinator (s) for changes based on the feedback.

November 30: Final edits to plans and results as well as final rubrics uploaded to Compliance Assist.

Administrative Assessment

Unless otherwise specified below:

June 30: Data entry for results, use of results and plans. i.e. June 30 2021 is the deadline for 2020-21 assessment results/use of results and 2021-22 assessment plans.

July 1-15: Independent reviews.

July 30: Final deadline for review.

The following areas have unique deadlines:

Unit Results

Use of Results



Period &

Final Deadline
For Review

10/1 and 3/1 3/1-3/15 3/16-3/31 4/1
IT 5/15 5/16-5/31 6/1-6/15 6/30
University Communications 5/15 5/16-5/31 6/1-6/15 6/30
6/15 7/15 7/31 8/1-8/15 8/16-8/31 9/1
President's Office 8/1 8/2-8/15 8/16-8/31 9/1
Institutional Advancement 8/15 8/16-8/31 9/1-9/15 9/16
AEX 9/30 10/1-10/15 10/16-10/31 11/1

University MKTG and Enrollment Planning

9/30 10/1-10/15 10/16-10/31 11/1


Please refer to the following definitions used in the deadlines table below which refer to deadlines to upload information in compliance assist (under PLANNING):

  • Data entry for results: Upload the results for the previous year.
  • Data entry for results/use of results: Upload the results and use of results (action plans) for the previous year.
  • Data entry for results, use of results and plans: Upload the results and use of results (action plans) for the previous year AND the plans (outcomes, measures and performance targets) for the following year.
  • Independent Reviews: Assessment coordinators will review other's reports and complete a reviewer rubric. The reviewer has 2 weeks to complete the review. Then, they must send the completed rubric (with comments) to the assessment coordinator by the last date indicated in the independent reviews.
  • Feedback Period and Corrections: Time to make corrections based on feedback from the reviewer. Once corrections are made, assessment coordinator must contact the reviewer (before the feedback deadline) to make sure the reviewer can make corrections to the rubric.
  • Final Deadline of Review: Final edits to results and plans on the part of the assessment coordinator and he/she should ask the reviewer to revise the changes and upload the final reviewer rubric in Compliance Assist. This process will take no more than 15 days.

CofC Assessment Cycle