Institutional Assessment Committees

Institutional Assessment Committee 

The Institutional Assessment Committee provides assessment leadership to all academic programs, administrative units, and seven general education distribution requirements across the institution. The charge of the Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC), established by the President, is to support a process of continual self-evaluation and improvement at the College of Charleston.  This committee, co-chaired by a Administrative Assessment Committee (AAC) and Deans Assessment Committee (DAC) member, will be a forum for sharing best practices in assessment.  In addition to being a forum for sharing challenges and ideas, this committee serves in a quality assurance role; by reviewing annual plans and results submitted by the academic schools and administrative units and sharing examples of exemplary practices at the College of Charleston where continuous improvement and closing the loop is evident.  To nurture a culture of assessment, the IAC will assist in organizing the College's annual Education Innovation Day, a celebration of the institutional effectiveness (IE) assessment process and an opportunity to highlight programs that clearly demonstrate "closing of the loop" on assessment. The committee will make recommendations to promote continuous improvement in the IE assessment process.

  • IAC Members
    • Karen Smail (Chair of DAC)
    • Zach Hartje (Chair of AAC)

Deans Assessment Committee (DAC)

The Deans Assessment Committees (DACs) are school level assessment committees that exist for each school or college (School of Sciences and Mathematics; School of Professional Studies; School of the Arts; School of Humanities and Social Sciences; Honors College; School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs; Graduate School; School of Education, Health, and Human Performance; School of Business) and the General Education Program. The DACs consists of faculty across the varying disciplines. These committee members serve as mentors and work collaboratively with their programs to assist the assessment coordinators in their assessment efforts and to provide a review of the quality of the assessment reports based on established criteria provided in the institutional assessment rubrics. The chair of each DAC also serves on the Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC).

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Art History BA/Minor: Mary Beth Heston
Arts Management BA/Minor: Kate Keeney
Historic Preservation and Community Planning BA/Minor: Grant Gilmore
Music BA/Minor: Michael O'Brien
Studio Art BA/Minor: Sara Frankel
Dance BA/Minor: Gretchen McLaine
Theatre BA/Minor: Susan Kattwinkel
    Halsey Institute: Bryan Granger

Accounting BS: Roger Daniels
Bachelor of Professional Studies: Michelle Futrell
Project Management Certificate: Michelle Futrell
Business Administration BS/Minor: Elise Perrault
Entrepreneurship Minor: David Hansen
Leadership Change and Social Responsibility Minor: Angela Passarelli
Commercial Real Estate Finance BS/Minor: Ken Soyeh
Economics BS/Minor: Chris Mothorpe
Finance BS/Minor: Marcia Snyder / Mark Pyles
Hospitality and Tourism Management BS/Minor: Brumby McLeod
International Business BS: Rene Mueller
Marketing BS: Henry Xie
Supply Chain Management BS: Chen Chou
Global Logistics and Transportation Minor: Kent Gourdin
Information Management Minor: Chen Chou

    Carter Real Estate Center: Mark Buono
    Center for Continuing and Professional Education: Ron Magnuson
    Center for Entrepreneurship: David Wyman
    Center for Public Choice and Market Process: Pete Calcagno
    Global Business Resource Center: Rene Mueller
    Office of Economic Analysis: Frank Hefner
    Office of Tourism Analysis: Daniel Guttentag, Melinda Patience
    Student Success Center: Kristen McMullen

Department of Health and Human Performance:
    Coaching Minor: Wes Dudgeon
    Exercise Science BS: Kate Pfile
    Physical Education with Teacher Certification: Karen Smail
    Public Health BA: Wes Dudgeon
    Public Health BS: Christy Kolath-Cattano
Department of Teacher Education:
    Early Childhood Education BS: Kelley White
    Elementary Education BS: Brian Lanahan
    Middle Grades Education BS: William Veal
    Secondary Education English BS: Ian O'Bryne
    Secondary Education Mathematics BS: Mutindi Ndunda
    Secondary Education Science BS: Meta Van Sickle
    Secondary Education Social Studies BS: William McCorkle
    Special Education BS: Adam Jordan Centers/Institutes:
    Afterschool and Summer Learning Resource Center: Rachel James
    Art Attack: Tracey Hunter-Doniger
    Call Me MISTER: Anthony James
    Center for Partnerships to Improve Education: Courtney Howard
    FitCatz: Susan Flynn
    N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center: Katherine Houser
    Office of Professional Development in Education: Paul Irwin
    Office of Student Services and Credentialing: Curt White
    Teacher Leader Program: Julie Swanson, Meta Van Sickle, Nenad Radakovic
    Teacher Fellows: Tracey Hunter-Doniger

Bachelor of General Studies: Alice Hamilton

Communication BA/Minor: Lynn Cherry
Crime, Law and Society Minor: David Morris
English BA/Minor: Bill Russell
Creative Writing: Tony Varallo
Writing, Rhetoric and Publication Minor: Jacob Craig
History BA/Minor: Jason Coy
Irish and Irish American Studies Minor: Joe Kelley
Medical Humanities Minor: Kathy Beres Rogers
Philosophy BA/Minor: Larry Krasnoff
Political Science BA/Minor: Jordan Ragusa
Geography Minor: Mark Long
Psychology BA/Minor: John Widholm
Psychology BS: John Widholm
Religious Studies BA/Minor: Elijah Siegler
Anthropology BS/Minor: Deborah Auriffeille
Urban Studies BA/Minor: Irina Gigova
Women's and Gender Studies BA/Minor: Kris De Welde
Interdisciplinary Minors:
    Film Studies Minor: John Bruns
    Southern Studies Minor: Grant Gilmore


    Riley Center for Livable Communities: Kendra Stewart, Alison Burkey

    African American Studies BA/Minor: Kameelah Martin
    Archaeology BA/Minor: Scott Harris
    Classics BA/Minor: Jennifer Gerrish
    Classics AB: Jennifer Gerrish
    Foreign Language Education Cognate BS: Shawn Morrison
    French and Francophone BA/Minor: Shawn Morrison
    German BA/Minor: Morgan Koerner
    International Studies BA/Minor: Malte Pehl
    Jewish Studies BA/Minor: Yaron Ayalon
    Latin American and Caribbean Studies BA/Minor: Nadia Avendano
    Spanish BA/Minor: Michael Gomez
    African Studies Minor: Christopher Day
    Asian Studies Minor: Lei Jing
    British Studies Minor: Timothy Carens
    Business Language in French Minor: Juliette Bourdier
    Business Language in Spanish Minor: Feliz Vasquez
    Comparative Literature Minor: Martine Cuvillier-Hiers
    European Studies Minor: Richard Bodek
    German Studies Minor: Morgan Koerner
    Italian Studies Minor: Michael Maher
    Japanese Studies Minor: Yoshiki Chikuma
    Linguistics Minor: Ricard Vinas de Pulg
    Middle East and the Islamic World Minor: Ghazi Abuhakema
    Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor: Luci Moreira
    Russian Studies Minor: Irina Erman

    Biology BA/Minor: Melissa Hughes
    Biology BS: Melissa Hughes
    Marine Biology BS: Melissa Hughes
Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry:
    Biochemistry BS: Jim Deavor
    Chemistry BA/Minor: Jim Deavor
    Chemistry BS: Jim Deavor
Computer Science:
    Computer Information Systems BS/Minor: Anthony Leclerc
    Computer Science BA: George Pothering
    Computer Science BS: George Pothering
    Computing in the Arts: Bill Manaris
    Data Science BS/Minor: Lancie Affonso
Geology and Environmental Geosciences:
    Geoinformatics: Barbara Beckingham
    Geology BA/Minor: Barbara Beckingham
    Geology BS: Barbara Beckingham
    Mathematics BS/Minor: Bob Mignone
Physics and Astronomy:
    Astronomy BA/Minor: George Chartas
    Astrophysics BS: George Chartas
    Biomedical Physics Minor: Sorinel Oprisan
    Meteorology BA: Gabriel Williams
    Physics BA/Minor: Gabriel Williams
    Physics BS: Gabriel Williams
    Systems Engineering BS: NK Kuthirummal
Interdisciplinary Minors:
    Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor: Allison Welch
    Neuroscience Minor: Dan Greenberg (Interim, PSYC)

    Center for Coastal Environmental and Human Health: Paul Sandifer
    Grice Marine Laboratory: Robert Podolsky

Master's Programs
     School of Education, Health and Human Performance
        Early Childhood Education MAT: Kelley White
        Elementary Education MAT: Brian Lanahan, Tracey Hunter-Doniger
        Performing Arts MAT: Laura Turner
        Sciences and Mathematics for Teachers MEd: John Peters
        Teaching, Learning and Advocacy MEd: Emily Skinner
     School of Humanities and Social Sciences
        Child Life MS: Susan Simonian
        Communication MA: Mike Lee
        Creative Writing MFA: Emily Rosko
        English MA: Anton Vander Zee
        Environmental Studies MS
        History MA
        Public Administration MPA
     School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs
        Languages MEd: Emily Beck
     School of Business
        Accountancy MS: Roger Daniels
        Business Administration MBA: Ron Magnusen
     School of the Arts
        Community Planning, Policy and Design MA: Richard Grant Gilmore
        Historic Preservation MS: Jon Marcoux
     School of Science and Mathematics
        Computer Information Systems MS: Jonathan Sun
        Data Science and Analytics MS: Navid Hashemi
        Marine Biology MS: Craig Plante
        Mathematics Sciences MS: Jiexiang Li, Alex Kasman
Graduate Certificate Programs
     School of Education, Health and Human Performance
        Gifted and Talented Education: Julie Swanson
        Special Education: Adam Jordan, Kevin Eakes
     School of Humanities and Social Sciences
        Urban and Regional Planning: Melinda Lucka Kelley
     School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs
        ESOL 1: Emily Beck
     School of the Arts
        Arts and Cultural Management: Kate Keeney, Karen Chandler
     School of Science and Mathematics
        Cybersecurity: Renee McCauley
        Operations Research: Jiexiang Li
        Software Engineering: Renee McCauley
        Statistics: Jiexiang Li



Administrative Assessment Committee (AAC)

The Administrative Assessment Committees (AACs) are unit level assessment committees that exists for each of the 9 divisions (Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Enrollment Planning, Facilities Planning, Management and Operations, Information Technology, Institutional Advancement, Marketing and Communications, the President’s Division, and Student Affairs) and consist of staff members and administrators from the respective divisions. These committee members serve as mentors and work collaboratively with their units to assist the assessment coordinators in their assessment efforts and to provide a review of the quality of the assessment reports based on established criteria provided in the institutional assessment rubrics. The chair of each AAC also serves on the Institutional Assessment Committee.

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For a chart with all assessment coordinators: < click here >

Academic Experience
    Academic Advising and Planning Center: Karen Hauschild
    Center for Academic Performance and Persistence: Bruce Fleming
    Center for Excellence in Peer Education: Page Keller
    Center for Student Learning: Melinda Coleman
    First Year Experience (FYE): Sarah Owens
    New Student Programs: Stephanie Auwaerter, Bruce Fleming, Mindy Miley
    REACH Program: Lisa Christian
    Veteran and Military Student Services: Jessica Wilkes
Center for Assessment and Continues Improvement (CACI): Gioconda Quesada (Gia)
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Margaret Hagood
Center for International Education: Sarah Simonite, Stephanie Todts
Center of Sustainability
    Sustainability Literacy Institute and QEP: Todd LeVasseur
Library: Christa Poparad
Office of Institutional Effectiveness: Xiushan Jiang and Diane Potts
Office of Institutional Research and Planning: Michelle Smith
Office of Research and Grants Administration: Susan Anderson Rivaleau
Office of the Provost: Mark Del Mastro
Registrar's Office: Lisa Chestney
    Transfer Resource Center: Lisa Chestney
Summer Sessions: Michael Phillips
Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities: Bryan Ganaway

Campus Services: Amy Orr
Fiscal Services: John Loonan
Human Resources: Ed Pope
Internal Auditor: Gail Long
Procurement: Wendy Williams
Public Safety: Francis Searson
Facilities Management: Katie McFarland
    Environmental Health and Safety: Clifford Hamilton
    Facilities Administration: Brenda Burbage
    Facilities Operations: Frank Covington
    Facilities Planning, Architecture and Engineering: Michael Turner
    Utility Services: John Gilley
    Office of Sustainability: Darcie Everett

Enrollment Information: Mark Stratton
Office of Admissions: Khala Granville
Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs: Robert Kersey (Derwin-DJ Simpson)
University Marketing: Marcia White

Enterprise Applications: Jim Bennett
Information Security: Jamey Rudisell
Infrastructure: Bissell Anderson
IT Communications: Kathryn Drinkuth
Portfolio Management: Brittany McCauley
IT Finance: Christine Paulling
Support Services: Phillip Paradise
Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT): Zach Hartje



Athletics: Matt Roberts
Office of Institutional Diversity: Renard Harris
Office of Legal Affairs: Angela Mulholland

Campus Recreation: Eugene Sessoms
Career Center: Jim Allison
Center for Civic Engagement: Stephanie Visser
Center for Disability Services: Deborah Mihal
Collegiate Recovery Program: Wood Marchant
Community Relations: Liz Reeder
Dean of Students: David Aurich
Higdon Student Leadership Center, Fraternity and Sorority Life: Christine Workman
Multicultural Student Programs and Services: Rochelle Johnson
Residence Life and Housing: Melantha Ardrey
Student Health Services: Lee Penny
Student Life: Christine Workman
The Counceling Center: Michael Duncan (interim)
Upward Bound: Talim Lessane
Victim Services: Robin LaRocque